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Apply influence change strategies that is based on proven science of social networks and behavioral psychology

By applying "influence-change"Aisha  Bashar strategies, you as a leader will grow support for organizational change, making it easier to persuade people to change - learn new competencies,  Yemidevelop new routines and adopt new behaviors. Cam Wontan
For professionals

Get certified for the roles want

We know that you don't want to spend years in school learning new creative skills. That's why we've created an online UX/UI Bootcamp that will teach you new skills in just a few weeks.

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Find a cohort

Level up your teams skills

Our cohorts for businesses take a learn-by-doing approach, with designers collaborating live in the latest real-time design tools. You're team gets step-by-step instructions, and can ask questions and get feedback weekly.

Find a cohort
Find a cohort
For professionals
For teams

Do you have Big Idea that can help your business grow?

Like win more customers, get more orders and have more satisfied customers.

And still, your team resists your big idea.

This requires your teams to enthusiastically embrace new ways of working and make the necessary behavioral change.

But despite all your efforts - communicate the need for change, spent several hours (& money) providing the required training and sharing new work procedures, you see little Impact from all your efforts.

You feel exhausted going round in circles, unsure of your execution plan and frustrated by the lack of support from your senior leaders...

It doesn't have to be that way. Leading effective change seems difficult and daunting, but it isn't.

It's effortless when Influence Change is based on the proven science of social networks and behavioral science.

My Services

Helping Leaders Grow their Influence to Effectively Lead Change & Make Big Ideas Impact

Influence Change Consultancy for Organizations

Co-create transformation strategy & execution support to align people (structure & roles), processes and systems (technology) with the re-defined business strategy and vision.

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Learn more

Influence Change Facilitation

Provide experienced guidance to help your teams overcome resistance to change along the change journey through engaging workshops.

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Influence Change Coaching

Assist in designing a solid & effective change approach by exploring together the change challenge & context based on my methodology.

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Influence Change Masterclass

Coach & Train (Master Class) successful managers at all levels of the organization so they can shape and manage change from the inside out.

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See why our cohorts are loved by our alumni

We have a 100% completion rate with 5/5 reviews from all of our alumni.

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It was so helpful to be able to discuss design concepts with other people who were also passionate about design.

Cam Wontan, Google

I love that I was able to present my work to a team of credible designers and get live feedback.

Aisha Bashar, DesignStation

With my cohort, I learned how to create custom website experiences that got me a job at a new startup.

Roger Creighton, Airtable

I loved connecting with a supportive group of peers to learn with. I especially loved my design teachers!

Jayla Carson, Apple

I was online with my fellow cohort members for hours every day, learning about the course material and discussing it with them.

Yemi Musa, Spotify

It was a great experience, and I'm so glad I did it. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to learn online.

Raya Dashford, Twitter

I loved getting to know my classmates and teachers. Each cohort was incredibly helpful and super fun!

Shay Radson, webflow

The GoClass teachers were great at teaching us how to create beautiful and effective websites.

Taylor Waham, Zapier

Hi, I’m Niti

I'm not a social or behavioral Psychologist

Instead...Business Developer converted Change Influencer.

Like you, I had Big ideas that would help my organization thrive, but my ideas met resistance. Ironically, "those who needed the most resisted the most".

I had tried and applied the infamous change management theory of Kotter and ADKAR and a few more, but didn't see the huge impact I was hoping for. Instead, it would be only a minority group that ultimately hesitated to stick their necks out.

It was in 2006, when I was first exposed to the science of social networks and behavioral science, that I began to see how the magic of influence took hold and created critical mass and the tipping point needed to make change inevitable.

Since then, I have helped multiple organizations and leaders apply this approach to effectively Influence change and make their big ideas impact.